Máy cắt laser fiber 3D TCI SPACELine


Spaceline Fiber

TCI Cutting Spaceline Fiber opens up a whole new world of possibilities for 3D production with 5-axis laser cutting. A fully automated system with which the production of complex cuts becomes a simple task. The powerful arm that houses the 3D cutting head, allows the creation of cutting programs with multiple angles for the same piece, a speed of more than 1G and with powers from 1 to 3 kW (up to 6kW for specials). The 700 mm travel of the Z axis offers infinite possibilities for cutting both by robot and using working table.

The fiber laser source technology is in charge of producing production series at a high speed and at a minimum cost, this system being one of the most complete and intelligent in the market. Its connectivity with digital systems generates an unparalleled production flow.

Versatility and infinite configurations make the Spaceline a machine capable of adapting to the needs of any sector.

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